What’s in a name II?

Now I know why I’m not a branding expert.  This is hard!  Incorporating the word “Digital” into any name limits the choices considerably. Even Digital13.com . . .  and every other number from 1 – 100 has been purchased!  FYI, you can buy Advance Digital for a premium price of $13,000. 

Anyway, upon advice of counsel and due to some issues with GoDaddy processing, my original list needed to be modified.  I’d like to get a second round of votes on a new pool of names.  Please cast your vote!


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3 Responses to What’s in a name II?

  1. ben

    I Still liked Digital Compass, Let Us Provide The Direction…..

  2. Kathy Owens

    Trish, What’s this, is the logo and company name still 3 ways Digital?
    I liked Digital Content Strategies.

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