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I’m the person that companies hire when they need a marketing program execution team with one hire. My company is called 3WaysDigital and I assemble remote writers, bloggers, videographers, graphic designers and web developers to create great multi-media content. Recently I’ve pivoted and the communication skills that I used to apply to brands are now being focused on telling stories.

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I’m a mom to three kids who are at various stages of making their own way in the world. We have a ten year age difference between our oldest and youngest child so my husband and I have always found ourselves with feet planted in various stages of life simultaneously. We will become an empty-nesters in the next year or so – which is one reason for the pivot. We would like to tee ourselves up for some new adventures.

After years of participating in Japanese cultural events through the Fairfax County Public School Japanese Immersion Program, I took up taiko drumming. This hobby allowed me to indulge my long repressed interest in music and rhythm. I earned a position with Miyako Taiko and performed at community events around the D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Although I’m no longer performing with Miyako, you will definitely hear about my continued interest in Japanese culture, food and cities.

Performing with Miyako Taiko at University of Maryland Clarice Performing Arts Center

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